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Gabe Perbieri is a classical pianist and conductor dedicated to education, and meaningful programming. He holds degrees in both Music Education and Performance. Over his 10 years of teaching experience, some of his students have won regional, national and international piano competitions, and scholarships for college programs. Multicultural Education is key to describe Gabe’s activities, as he strives to personalize the education of each of his students, bringing content from a variety of resources from different cultures, to improve their musical skills in a natural and efficient manner, and support their personal growth beyond music, as individuals inserted in the society. Gabe held the position of Graduate Assistant in Piano Pedagogy at Butler University, where he pursued his Masters degree in Piano Performance.

Although performing on the piano is not the focus of Gabe Perbieri’s career, he acknowledges the importance and influence of such activity in other areas of his career. Gabe has performed internationally, both solo and collaborating with accomplished musicians. He won the first international piano competition of Londrina, in Brazil, and was awarded assistantships and scholarships in several universities when applied for grad school.

Besides teaching and performing, Gabe Perbieri enjoys his career as Music Director at All Souls Unitarian church, where he conducts two choirs: All Souls Choir, at concert level; and the recently created All Voices Ensemble, an intergenerational pick-up choir that provides accessible music education, and performances opportunities to less experienced musicians. He supervises and coaches three other staff members in the areas of voice, piano, and AV.

Gabe currently lives in Indianapolis with his husband Matt and their 5 fur babies, and enjoys his music-free time playing or coaching volleyball.