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Gabe Perbieri is a versatile and experienced piano teacher with academic piano training (BM Piano Performance and MM Piano Performance), and general Music Education training (B. Music Education), which allows him to have a holistic perspective of learning. For him, any education process should rely on Excellence, Appropriate Curriculum, Open Communication, and Methodology focused on Experimentation. 

Musical Excellence

Every student should have access to the highest level of music refinement, and work with a teacher who takes this high level as a parameter. As an experienced musician, Gabe Perbieri knows that perfection will never be achieved, but each student deserves to have musical guidance that seeks the best outcome each individual student can achieve.

Gabe enforces the importance of musical reading, technical development, musical comprehension and accurate ears. This combo enables the student to put all the notes and chords together to make it become music.

Individualized Curriculum

It is a fact that each person learns in different ways, and has different abilities. This motivated Gabe Perbieri to experiment different methodologies in order to provide the most appropriate musical training to his students. It is of utmost importance to individualize the pedagogical process to engage each student and make possible a fun and successful learning process.

The material is prepared for each student individually, using existing resources from a variety of method books and also original material created by Gabe Perbieri specially to address his students’ needs.


Music should be a fun activity, and should support the student’s growth as a whole. Therefore, clear communication and a safe environment for self-expression is essential in the music learning process. The students need to feel free to express themselves knowing that who they are and what they feel will be acknowledged and supported. The student is more important than music itself.


The learning process is more meaningful when the student creates their understanding of the musical concepts based on investigation – experimentation, evaluation, trial, then solution. This instigates curiosity and gives agency to the student in their own learning process. Besides explaining the musical content, Gabe Perbieri creates the need for the content, which creates interest; and guides the student through experimenting, while they build the knowledge, and the technique.