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Perbieri Piano Studio offers individual lessons; or Buddy Lessons, which consists of a collaborative method with participation of 2 students in the same level and age, and the teacher. In order to pair the students appropriately, the piano program is offered in levels, and each student is evaluated in the beginning of the academic period, and by its end. No grade will be assigned, but the level of the students will be updated for rematching purposes. A certificate is provided at the completion of each level.

Gabe Perbieri personalizes the courses and its materials according to each student’s need, drawing from several different methods, classical and popular repertoire, and using his own material. 

The Beginner levels (A1-5) consist of fundamental musical and technical knowledge, developing the students’ listening, reading, theoretical understanding, and ability to play. Each level may take 1 or 2 academic periods to be completed, depending on the student’s age, and learning speed. The content will not be rushed, as the focus is a solid learning through fun activities, at the appropriate pace for each individual student. The Beginner levels may be offered either as the Private or Buddy lessons for students in the ages 5 through 13, according to availability; while it is only offered as private lessons for students 13+.

The Intermediate Levels (B1-5) consist of further assimilation, naturalization, and generalization of the musical knowledge learned during the Beginner levels; and elevation of the level of performance. The levels B1 and B2 prepare the student for a more intense way of learning and practicing, wrapping up fundamental musical knowledge, introducing more specific techniques, and memorization. While the levels B3 to B5 focus on elevating the student’s level of performance, by working on technique, phrasing, and sonority. During the intermediate levels, the teenager student may have opportunities to make professional recordings, and/or apply for piano competitions, camps, or festivals. These levels are only offered as Private Lessons.

The Advance Level (C) consists in preparation for auditions – college, piano competitions, international certifications, camps, recordings, and public performances. This level approaches themes such as practice methodology, foundation of musical interpretation, memorization, how to choose repertoire, as well as learning a higher level repertoire, refinement of repertoire, and preparation for a possible professional with the instrument. This level is only offered as Private Lessons.

A table of content of each level will be provided upon request.