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The Tuition varies according to the program and length of the weekly lessons.

Private Lessons

Each lesson of 30 min: $45

Each lesson of 60 min: $80

Buddy Lessons

Each lesson of 30 min: $30

The Tuition is a set amount calculated based on the amount of lessons offered during the academic period. The standard academic period usually features 15 lessons, but it may differ from one semester to another. The tuition for students starting after the official beginning of the academic period will be proportional to the amount of lessons. Extra lessons may be added to this package as the teacher and the student’s family agree upon the decision.

The payment may be made in full, due on the first lesson of the period; or divided in up to 4 installments, with the first payment due on the first lesson of the period, and the last payment due by the end of the academic period.


Academic Material

The Academic Material is custom made for each student. It will range from $30 to $50 per academic period.Each lesson of 30 min: