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The Academic year will be divided in three periods: 

Fall – mid August to mid December 

Spring – mid January to late May

Summer – mid May to mid August

A Student’s public performance will be offered by the end of Spring, and Fall. Other performance opportunities may appear throughout the year, at the teacher’s discretion, considering the students’ readiness, and willingness to perform. The participation in public performances is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.

The Academic calendar will be posted on the studio’s website before the beginning of each academic period, and it will feature breaks, holidays, and public performances.

Safety Policy

Students that are younger than 18 years of age are required to be accompanied by their parents or adult guardian. The adult responsible for the student may stay out of the classroom, but must stay inside the building. Sitting will be provided for the guardians and parents.  

The doors of the building must remain locked, and all families will be provided a code to access the building.

Attendance and Rescheduling 

Consistent attendance is required, and the students must be on-time for their lesson. It is recommended to arrive 5 min before each lesson. If late, the student will be admitted into the lesson if they are no later than a third of the length of the lesson (up to 10 min late for 30 min lessons, and up to 20 min late for 60 min lessons). 

If the teacher has the availability, private lessons may be rescheduled if communicated at least 24 hours prior to the originally scheduled time for the lesson. No make-up lessons will be available for students taking Buddy; in this case, videos explaining the missed content may be provided if the teacher judges needed. No make-up lesson is guaranteed.

The make-up lessons must be scheduled within the same academic period. Exceptions will be considered in a case-by-case manner.

As attendance is a requirement, the teacher may decide to release a student, if they fail to keep consistent attendance.


The Tuition varies according to the program and length of the weekly lessons.

Private Lessons

Each lesson of 30 min: $45

Each lesson of 60 min: $80

Buddy Lessons

Each lesson of 30 min: $30

The Tuition is a set amount calculated based on the amount of lessons offered during the academic period. The standard academic period usually features 15 lessons, but it may differ from one semester to another. The tuition for students starting after the official beginning of the academic period will be proportional to the amount of lessons. Extra lessons may be added to this package as the teacher and the student’s family agree upon the decision.

The payment may be made in full, due on the first lesson of the period; or divided in up to 4 installments, with the first payment due on the first lesson of the period, and the last payment due by the end of the academic period.

Academic Material

The student material will be custom made by the teacher in order to better address the students’ needs. This will be prepared within the first couple weeks of the academic period and will feature:

  • Practice journal
  • Lesson Material
  • Technical etudes
  • Repertoire
  • Theory activities
  • Academic Calendar
  • Blank music sheets
  • Binder
  • Branded Bag

The cost of the complete student’s material for the academic period typically ranges from $30 to $50, and it is referent to the planning and creation of the course. If the price goes higher than $50, it will be submitted to approval of the guardian before the completion of the material. The material must be paid in full at the first lesson of the academic period.

The material may be updated during the academic period without any added costs.

Practice Requirements

The students are required to practice at home at least 4 days per week, excluding the weekly lessons. The teacher will instruct on how to practice and for how long, according to the student’s age and level. The quality of the practice sessions are not defined by its length, but its frequency, focus and method. 

The parents are advised to participate actively in the student’s activities, as well as fomenting their practice at home and holding them accountable.

As practice is a requirement, the teacher may decide to discontinue lessons if the student fails to keep a consistent practice routine.

Image Rights

The teacher may take pictures, and/or record lessons and performances, for academic or marketing purposes. No media will be sold. 

Discontinuing Lessons

The lessons may be discontinued by the student’s family during the academic period, and a refund of 50% of the value of the remaining lessons will be made available upon request.

The teacher may discontinue lessons in case of:

  • Consistent late payments
  • Practice habits that are not in line with studio requirements
  • Participation in Competitions without the teacher’s recommendation 
  • Participation in piano courses without the teacher’s recommendation
  • Lack of motivation and progress
  • Excessive absences or tardiness
  • Failure to abide by studio policies
  • Consistently not bringing materials to lessons
  • Refusing to follow the weekly assignment
  • Continual Inappropriate or disrespectful behavior towards the teacher, another employee or attendee of the building, another student or their family, or the building itself.
  • Theft
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Racism
  • LGBTQIA+phobia
  • Xenophobia

Special Needs and Accommodations 

The parents are requested to disclose any known special needs by the beginning of the student’s academic activities and to keep the teacher updated on the matter. The teacher has training and experience with special needs, and is aware that some accommodation might be needed even if the student does not have a disability. The teacher will work with the parents to support the student’s academic goals, and personal growth.